Why Am I a writer?

WHY DO I WRITE….?Ian Salvatore,

Latin Author from Panama


I write because words are powerfull…..

Words transmit life, peace, love…..

When you read, you focus…

So you have to stop….

You travel to another dimension….

And when you came, you are not the same…..


I want this blog to be special…. Inspirational….our shelter.   If you consider that your visit has been worth it, let me know to keep writing these «words from my heart» in both English and Spanish


Leave your comment below (In spanish is «COMENTARIO»), or send me an email to ian.salvatore@yahoo.com

***beach-1835195_1920«Take control of your life is understand very deep inside that you not allways have the control….

Look further….higher…..deeper….Let THE LOVE OF GOD guide you….»


 You can support this blog and the author, sending your donation  via PAY PAL  to: ian.salvatore@yahoo.com



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